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Son of a… ARMAGEDDON IS NOT A BAD MOVIE! It does not belong on a list with the likes of Pootie Tang. I’m not kidding. Armageddon is a freakin’ masterpiece: Michael Bay at his level best, before all his movies became “Michael Bay movie”s. It’s got all his signature shots: Low, rotating camera around the protagonist(s), helicopters on the horizon, seemingly every outdoor shot looking like it’s an hour before sunset, closeups of items falling to the floor and breaking.

Plus an all-star cast chock full of Oscar and Emmy winners/nominees (and a large portion of those noms for writing), a script co-written by JJ Abrams, a great training montage, William Fichtner and Peter Stormare at the respective Fichtner- and Stormare-iest, and the line “What are you doing with a gun in space?” It is the definition of a Summer Movie. It is NOT a Good Bad Movie.

Also, it’s the last time i cried at a movie (or at all).