Andela Day — 3

The warm-ups today were fun, we played a game I especially enjoy is ‘people to people’. It’s not just fun, for that duration everyone is like a kid in the playground wanting to win. It gives you a kick start physically and also opens up your mind for the day ahead. I’m sure there is a deeper lesson this game aims to teach, but for me it brings out the child in me.. of course I would be louder and more competitive than is allowed here but hey …ALL FUN!

Today’s session began with an overview of data-types, data- structures, your loops and lists. I learnt a lot today, e.g when an int stops being a long. The next topic was unpacking data using *args and **kwargs.

The afternoon session was all OOP, very interactive and enjoyable. Learning by doing, experimenting with different ways of solving a problem, which makes you to come up with a more efficient solution for it and affords you the opportunity to learn more.

Tomorrow should prove to be an interesting day we did not get to do the Test Driven Development bit , this will be covered tomorrow.