Life is cruel at times. It takes revenge for the lesson you ignored while it has been seriously teaching. It takes revenge by giving tougher home works, and if you continue to ignore, it just leaves you making a dead person. After that, you seem smiling, but you don’t, you try for happiness, but you just get fun, you search online and offline for satisfaction, but you end up in miserable states. You can’t read, watch TV or read the newspaper. All your childhood hobbies become burdensome; knowledge turns a boring subject. You try escaping reality by creating an emotional fantasy world. You kill yourself years for month’s emotional pleasure. You lead a reverse journey, turning more stupid, losing rationality, a meaningless drive. You’re afraid to look back; the distance makes you much more worried. That is the reason you keep running away from your goal like Usain Bolt runs towards his Gold Medal.

You join stupids, and without their fellowship everything seems vulnerable to you. You don’t leave them. You can never leave them. They praise your stupidity; they say you are great at this; you are great at that. Yes, you are great but in reverse, in ruining yourself, in reaching lowest standards, like being first from the last. Your mob loves you because you are an added strength for them. They think that if more idiots like you join their flock, they would outnumber achievers and make this world ruled by greatest idiots. But they don’t know that sum of crores of zeroes is just a zero. You know all of this, but still you would to chose become the leader of these zeroes. You yourself increase the size, from a smaller zero to a bigger zero.

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