Mowing shouldn’t be a chore

The grass is growing quickly this year isn’t it? All the rain that has fallen in the last few weeks has made my garden a weekend battleground.

Mowing the lawn, shouldn’t be a chore, but it is. After cutting the lawn and trimming the edges, I feel as though the whole job needs doing again before the next weekend rolls around.

I have to admit though, my tools are getting old now. I have had the strimmer, well, since ‘Moses was a lad’.

The problem is knowing just which tools I really need to sort out my garden.
I’m not really one of those people who lives DIY, so at the tender age of 42, I’m not ashamed to admit, I’m still learning.

All my garden tools were purchased years ago before we moved to our current home. So our needs have changed somewhat.

Bigger garden, more work

My garden is larger now. It’s not massive, but it’s a real pain when using my electric grass trimmer. The problem is running the extension chords, yes, I did say chords. I really need to upgrade to a petrol trimmer because I spend half my mowing time swinging the extension cable around obstacles in the garden. either that or trekking back and forth to re-plug the extension cable.

Why I’m going Petrol

For longer grass, there’s no substitute for a petrol powered strimmer. Although they can be noisy, they do have plenty of plus points.

For one, petrol strimmers are way more powerful than electric and battery trimmers. This is perfect for me because I have hedges all around my garden and I have several trees to cut round.

Petrol strimmers will handle the tall, thick grass and weeds that grow at the wild part of my garden. My current strimmer has a good go but it struggles with the thicker stuff.

Another reason I’m swaying toward buying a petrol strimmer, is that they can handle those annoying young trees that keep springing up close to my hedges. The trees in my garden drop lots of seeds, then I miss a few when I’m tidying the garden. The following year, I have unwanted saplings to deal with.

Cost is a factor, but not the only one

Obviously, I don’t want to spend a massive amount, so I’ll be looking for something within my price range without getting caught out buying cheap trash that I’ll have to replace in a couple of years.

This entry level trimmer, the Stihl FS40 petrol trimmer looks about right for what I need. It’s lightweight, (handy for getting the kids to do chores), it starts easily It even has free Goggles. The Stihl FS40 usually costs about £150, which isn’t really cheap but you are paying for the brand. I have a mate who’s a tree surgeon and she swears by Stihl products, he wouldn’t buy anything else.

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