Yes, but I want to be careful of that classification.
Vidya Narayanan

No Matteo, you are still missing the point.

I guarantee, if you go to a classroom of Elementary kids, you will find just as many girls as boys who are interested in Science/Tech. However, if you go to a high school or college, that number has dropped off significantly. 
Its not that girls aren’t interested or “have to be convinced,” its that girls are routinely socialized out of their interest in science/math/tech to the point where they downplay their interest to “fit in” or are literally convinced that doing something else is whats best for them.

Since you bring up the example of nursing, the same thing routinely happens to boys — i.e., boys who are interested in nursing or other “feminine” fields are mocked or have their masculinity attacked until they just say f — it.

What Vidya is pointing out is that we’re trying to attack this monster by cutting off it’s rapidly re growing heads instead of striking at the heart. We’re never going to fix the problem unless we get to the root of the matter.

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