What to Get this Great Singapore Sale

The Great Singapore Sale has always been the time of year that customers and businesses alike look forward to. It’s the best time to visit your favourite stores — enjoy the shopping, dining and living experience — and it’s all at an amazing discount. This tradition has come a long way since its inception.

Why the Great Singapore Sale is GREAT

What was supposedly a one-year thing that organizers thought up to encourage customers to try more shops or frequent their favourite boutiques ended up with 664,000 visitors in the span of a month. Since 1994, the Great Singapore Sale has become an annual tradition that encouraged every business to come up with their best deals which are exclusively offered during this time.

This is the perfect opportunity for you stock up on all your must-haves. For Phiten lovers, this is when you should be filling up your carts with creams, tapes and beauty products while they’re all 21% off. If you were always unsure of trying new things — especially because of the price, this is the time to take a chance. You never know you could have you a new favourite product, thanks to the Great Singapore Sale.

Treat Yourself: Shop, Dine, and Wine

To help you better navigate the amazing deals all over the island, we’ll be showing you the best products to get, the best dining spots and amazing experiences you can try for a fraction of the cost — starting with the best items to be on the lookout for. Focus on treating yourself and celebrating your small victories this year.

Shopping at the GSS 2017

If you’re looking to get a whole new wardrobe, then you can frequent almost any boutique or mall in Singapore. You can also upgrade your home to the vibe that fits the most with your aesthetic. Visit some of Singapore’s most popular furniture and home supply stores to stock up on all your design needs.

This would also be a great time to invest in the best sleeping products, like Phiten’s TitanFit Mattress and Shiatsu Pillow combination, to make sure that you amazing sleep every single night for next months. This time “shop till you drop” won’t mean denting your wallet.

Dining and Relaxing at the GSS 2017

This is also your chance to challenge the adventurer in you. Try skiing or overcome your fear of heights by riding the cable cars. Do something different while taking advantage of all the discounts that abound the Singapore.

The best deals in Singapore also extend to slowing down and letting yourself rejuvenate. You can go to your favourite spa, stay in a luxurious hotel and dine in the best restaurants on the island — all within your budget. So, whether you’re excited to experience something new or relax and enjoy being pampered, the Great Singapore Sale has got your covered.

The Power of Gift-giving

Remind the people you love how much you care by getting them gifts during the Great Singapore Sale. If your husband complains about being in pain a lot, get them the bestselling Phiten Tape and Metax Lotion pairing. For your kids who are doing well in school, reward them with new books or art materials.

Treat your wife to a new perfume or her favourite beauty products. Buy your parents their favourite home products. With the biggest sale of the year, spanning different businesses for different people, you are sure to find something for everyone in your life who matters.

Celebrate People Who Matter

This is also the perfect opportunity to take your entire family for brunch in your favourite restaurant or plan a date with your partner to a romantic bistro. You can also ask your friends if they want grab cocktails or staycation in a luxurious hotel. That way you’re able to relax and enjoy different experiences while you reconnect with the people you care about.

The goal of the Great Singapore Sale was always to make sure that customers are able to relive the vibrance of the country through its different businesses. This gives you the opportunity to try something new, surprise the people you love and get to know this island all over again. You can do that by shopping, dining and experiencing Singapore this GSS 2017.

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