So You Want to be a Phlebotomist for Halloween

From Denver to the East Coast, coming up with a unique Halloween costume that has never been done before seems almost impossible. Either someone else has already had the idea or your costume is so out there that no one really gets who/what you are. Taking an everyday career choice and making it “sexy” is a favorite go-to for some, but isn’t always the best choice.

Blood is typically a common theme for many Halloween parties, so why not incorporate that into your costume. Below are a few phlebotomy-inspired costumes to get your blood pumping.


So, this one might need to be explained to other Halloween partiers, but the eye roll may be worth it, whether you’re attending a few college classes or at an office party. What could be more suiting for the Halloween season than bats and blood? Well, a bat that draws blood as its occupation as a phlebotomy specialist of, course.

For this costume, all you need is a bat costume, scrubs and some fake blood. Not only is this costume sickeningly punny, but everyone in your classes will probably feel a little out-witted.

Vampire Disguised as a Phlebotomist

A blood-sucking vampire’s dream would be to sit through a series phlebotomy classes and learn all about drawing blood. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if a vampire were to become a phlebotomist and cause havoc in booming cities like Denver.

To cleverly be a vampire in disguise, create a pale face, slicked back hair, pointy teeth and scrubs. You could even walk around dropping cheesy one-liners like, “I want to draw your blood.”

Coming up with a costume that no one else has can be extremely difficult. It may seem like each year you and all of Denver are wearing the same thing that you thought was a clever idea. With these phlebotomist-inspired costume ideas, your Halloween will definitely be much more unique than anyone else’s.

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