An Open Letter to Talia…From an Ex-Yelper
Peter Cheng

Great response. When I first graduated college, I had to live with three roommates and when the landlord found out he kicked me out (since there was only suppose to be 3 of us and not 4 and I was the last one in). After that, I lived in small studio apartments and worked a second job. I had to be at my primary job at 4 am and work until noon with no break (which is legal here in NJ, the labor laws are very lax when you turn 18) and I had to work weekends and holidays and only made about $24,000 a year before taxes. I worked seasonal retail jobs in the afternoon and managed to keep my food budget in check while making car payments (this part of NJ has no mass transit so sadly a car was not a luxury and it was a used Chrysler, nothing fancy). She needs to get her budget in perspective.

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