An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Just grow up.

In 2012 I was finishing a graduate program for my teaching certificate here in NJ. While in the middle of my student teaching (which is like having an unpaid full time internship) I found myself homeless because the building I was living in was foreclosed on.

I was lucky enough to move in with my friend’s parents for a while so I could finish student teaching. It’s very hard to find a teaching job right now in NJ so I substitute teach. (I was working at a private school that closed down).

Do you know how little I get paid? I am lucky if a district is paying me $90 a day (which comes out to maybe $10 an hour) and this is the “higher rate” for being a certified teacher.

I can’t afford to live off of that. Who can? So did I work a second job? No way!

I have three jobs! I substitute teach during the day, and either tutor or work as a cashier at night and weekends. Oh and I am looking for a full time job and actually cooking and freezing food to stay on budget.

You can’t afford the car? They have mass transit where you live, right? Take a bus (no insurance to pay, no repair bills etc. ).

Can’t afford to rent one bedroom on your own? Get a roommate!

We don’t all get the life we envisioned when we were 8. Get over it.

The problem with you and most of your generation is that you don’t want to pay your dues. You don’t want to work for one year at a low paying job and sacrifice for what you want. You want steak and wine but you don’t want to have actually pay for it.

I suggest you look up the myth of “Monkey and Buddha” and realize that CEO’s did not just walk out of college at 25 (really, it took you that long to get a four year degree? I got my Bachelor’s degree at 22) and get their high paying jobs: they actually had to earn it.

Since you are so talented, why don’t you get another job that pays you more instead of begging for money?

Just grow up!

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