Working at a summer camp=best job ever!

Summertime is almost here and with the return of summer means the return of summer camp. And it’s not just the campers who are excited.

I am getting ready and have my list: snacks, swimsuit, towel, games to play with the kids and most of all a bright and cheery camp spirit. After all there are plenty of reasons why it is an awesome job.

1. You get to be outside and enjoy yourself!

While some may feel that it must be so hard being outside for most of the summer it is actually great. Think about it: while many people are stuck indoors wishing they could enjoy this nice weather, you actually are and you are getting paid to do so.

You get to play your games, sit and sing songs, do fun cheers, and eat your lunch all while enjoying the summer breeze and warm sun. How cool is that?

2. You get to fun things all day!

It’s not just the campers who get to enjoy a dip in the pool or playing with paints in arts and crafts, you get to be with them as well.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is all about your campers and you need to put their needs first like getting out of the pool to do a bathroom run with their swim buddy or helping them clean up what seems like a gallon of paint that has spilled on their hands but you still get to get in the mess.

It makes all of those other indoor jobs where sit at a computer or a register seem so overrated.

3. You get to learn new things with the campers!

Whenever the campers get to learn a new cheer or silly song it may just be new for you.

For example, I learned some awesome cheers while working at a summer camp and taught them to my students if they were good. They loved them. I also learned some great tag games to play when I substituted for gym class thanks to my wonderful camp experience.

4. You get your own fan club (with pint sized fan club members)!

I remember one day when I had to miss a day of camp do to car trouble. I felt terrible when I texted my supervisor who told me not to worry and they could put an extra staff member with my group for the day. After waiting for the tow truck and getting a rental, I was able to text him that there was a good news: I could come at lunch and stay for the rest of the day. He of course told me he would see me then and was glad to hear it.

I arrived at the camp and walked over to our picnic area trying to catch my breath after my chaotic morning when the best mood booster greeted me as I walked down the hill to our picnic area.

“You’re here!” I heard from a joyous camper who zipped right over the second he saw me. He almost knocked me down when he hugged me and acted as if though I had been gone for years.

“I missed you this morning! Our group one the cheer contest and we got the spirit stick. Oh and we beat the other group at capture the flag..” he started to joyously ramble on as we walked down the hill together grinning from ear to ear.

And that was all the boost I needed to forget my troubles.

5. You get to work with some of the best people ever!

No person is an island and no staff member is ever. You will get to work with some of the best people you have ever worked with.

While every barrel has it’s bad apples most of the staff you get to work with are the best staff ever. After all, they enjoy being silly, fun, and easy going so how could they not be fun to work with.

Think about how much fun it is to work with other people who think that doing silly cheers, playing tag games, and wall ball are great ways to spend their summer as well! You are literally getting paid to have fun!

So wouldn’t you agree that working at a summer camp is one of the best jobs ever?

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