My love letter (and goodbye?) to Austin

“I love Austin and want to build Localeur into a major force here.” seems like you have your answer. The challenges you face are vastly different than the challenges I faced when starting my company and I failed at 3 business prior to starting this one — granted they were all when I was under 22 and, in typical 22-year-old style, I was always the smartest guy in the room and listening wasn’t a strong suit — but I digress. Your challenges are real, they are different and they are all legit. The thing you keep saying, however, is that you want to stay in Austin and yet you need to be “convinced” to do so. If someone tells you that Localeur is a horrible idea and you should bail out on it and start something different, would you? I am guessing the answer is no, but you are taking no for an answer on where it should be based. You are already using the challenges you are facing to write very prolific and well articulated articles — use it to make what others are telling you might be impossible to do exactly that, the impossible. Imagine the AIDS non-profit you work for 5,10,15 years ago — people affected with the virus used to surrender to the inevitable, now they have hope, purpose, guidance and community surrounding them and giving them a reason to charge ahead. You’re not alone no matter how much it feels like you are. Listen to the people who know what it is to GRIND every day and not the ones who may have struck oil and suddenly feel compelled to offer up advice. You know the GRIND, you have lived it and continue to live it every day. Austin or SV really doesn’t matter at the end of the day — what matters is your ability to face the struggle head-on and GRIND anyway. Others throw their hands up in the air, doesn’t sound like you are programmed that way.

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