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Live by the #SouthernStrategy, die by it.

Donald #Trump is the inevitable result of the fifty-odd years the Republican Party has spent catering to the racial fears of white people. The only meaningful difference between him and his GOP rivals for the bigotry-soaked base of what once was the Party of Lincoln is that he states his appeals to bigotry quite openly, without using the sort of verbal camouflage that gives deniability and makes it possible to attempt to reassure a general-election audience of one’s non-bigoted nature.

He was the inevitable Republican nominee from the moment he entered the race, because unlike his rivals he had no intention of faking a pivot away from the open bigotry needed to win the Republican base. The irony is that the rise of people of color, in both numbers and political clout, means that it’s all but impossible for Trump to win the White House, even with a media that until recently was helping him along every step of the way with their “balance”-before-truth obsession that serves to give Republican candidates every benefit of every doubt.

The big question now is whether the Democrats can get the Senate and finally get a Supreme Court capable of undoing Republican gerrymandering and other bits of Jim Crow 2.0 in time for 2018 if not 2020.