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There are plenty of phonetics-related events held every year. 2015 was exceptional in the sense that the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences took place. We need to wait almost four years until there is another opportunity to attend this exciting event (next time in Melbourne, Australia). Nevertheless, also 2016 will bring a number of other interesting happenings. We have picked top 15 events to watch out for.

[1] Prosody and Information Structure

PINS 2016 | Stuttgart, Germany | March 22–23 | web

This workshop represents a specific domain in prosody. It aims at bringing together researchers interested in the prosodic manifestation of information-structural categories within and across languages.

[2] 1st International Symposium on Applied Phonetics

ISAPh2016 | Nagoya, Japan | March 25–28 | web

This very first symposium offers an opportunity to raise questions, discuss issues, and share information about research results and topics in phonetic education. Two satellite workshops focus on speech analysis in Praat and prosody training of Japanese.

[3] British Association of Academic Phoneticians Colloquium

BAAP 2016 | Lancaster, UK | March 30 — April 1 | web

This traditional biennial meeting with a long history provides an opportunity to meet, present research, and discuss issues of concern to the academic community of phoneticians.

[4] Sound to Word in Bilingual and Second Language Speech Perception

Sound to Word 2016 | Iowa City, USA | March 31 — April 2 | web

This conference deals with the question of how bilinguals and L2 learners perceive their languages. Besides the role of phonetic detail, variability in the input and its effects and the role of orthography in speech perception, the event will also host a workshop on intonation.

[5] 3rd International Scientific Conference Contemporary Research in Phonetics and Phonology: Methods, Aspects and Problems

CRiPaP 2016 | Riga, Latvia | May 12–13 | web

During the relatively short history of this conference, it has become a successful international meeting gathering researchers in various areas of phonetics. It is organised annually in Riga at the Latvian Language Institute.

[6] The Fifth International Workshop on Phonetic, Phonological, Acquisitional, Sociolinguistic and Dialect-Geographic Aspects of Rhotics

‘r-atics 5 | Leeuwarden/Ljouwert, the Netherlands| May 18–20 | web

This event integrates insights about various aspects of rhotics, and enlightens the role they play in a wide number of phenomena. It is one of the few big events that focus on a selected area of segmental phonetics only, and is held triennially.

[7] The 24th Manchester Phonology Meeting and the mfm FRINGE workshop

24mfm and FRINGE | Manchester, UK | May 25–28 | web

The annual Manchester Phonology Meeting is one of key conferences on the world phonology scene. This year there is a special session Evidence in Phonology, featuring Pierrehumbert or Idsardi. It is preceded by the FRINGE workshop entitled Computation and learnability in phonological theory.

[8] Speech Prosody 2016

Speech Prosody 8 | Boston, USA | May 31 — June 3 | web

This biennial conference is the biggest event concentrating on various aspects of the science and technology of speech prosody. This year, variation and differences both at the level of the community and that of the individual are in focus.

[9] New Sounds 2016: 8th International Conference on Second-Language Speech

New Sounds 2016 | Aarhus, Denmark | June 10–12 | web

This triennial conference covers a wide variety of themes related to the teaching and learning of second language phonetics, phonology, and pronunciation.

[10] International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association Conference

ICPLA 2016 | Halifax, Canada | June 15–18 | web

This renowned biennial symposium includes topics of clinical linguistics and phonetics and closely related disciplines, such as voice, prosody, stuttering or speech technology.

[11] 15th Conference on Laboratory Phonology

LabPhon15 | Ithaca, USA | July 13–16 | web

The biennial meeting of Association for Laboratory Phonology contributes to the understanding of phonological systems by providing insight into speech dynamics and phonological representation. One of the nine satellite events this year is around tools for big data, a hot topic today.

[12] 8th Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Conference

PSLLT 2016 | Calgary, Canada | August 12–13 | web

This conference, held annually, focuses on the exchange of research on pronunciation pedagogy and development. The theme of the 2016 conference is the role of technology.

[13] 7th Conference on Tone and Intonation in Europe

TIE2016 | Canterbury, UK | September 1–3 | web

This biennial conference deals with various aspects of tone and intonation in any language. Two special themes this year are tonal aspects of L2 prosody and the interaction of tone and intonation with other components of prosody.

[14] Interspeech 2016

IS 2016 | San Francisco, USA | September 8–12 | web

This annual conference emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach covering all aspects of speech science and technology spanning basic theories to applications. This year it is organised around the topic Understanding Speech Processing in Humans and Machines.

[15] 12th Conference on the Phonology of Contemporary English

PAC 2016 | Aix-en-Provence, France | September 29 — October 1 | web

This is an annual meeting organised around the Phonology of Contemporary English Project (PAC), and it gathers researchers interested in usage, varieties and structure within the phonology of English. English Melodies are the center of interest this year.

This list represents a selection of big events that deal predominantly with general phonetic topics, and are already set up for this year. If you want to get up-to-date information about more happenings, check out the FONETIKS monthly newsletter published for the International Phonetic Association, or browse all current linguistic conferences gathered by the Linguist List. To get regular updates, you can also subscribe for the Phonetics Weekly Digest.

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