Phonetics Weekly newsletter update

Those of you who are subscribed to the weekly newsletter noticed that there was a survey to fill in. The purpose of it was to have a kind of feedback from you readers. Quite a number of responses came through, so here is a short blog post to shed light on some questions/suggestions you submitted.

#1 Thank you!

First of all, thank you so much for your positive feedback. That has given me the kick I seemed to need. I am very happy that you are happy!

#2 Jobs

Some people were wondering whether there will appear a Jobs section in the newsletter. The plan is to start posting jobs some time in the future. At the current stage I am searching through resources, so any suggestions in this regard are welcome.

#3 Events

The current solution (to announce events approximately a week beforehand) is not ideal. The plan is to create a life calendar for everyone to see all events and calls in one place. Not sure when but it is one of the main priorities. You will get noticed as soon as things move on!

#4 Annotated links

Back in 2015 when the newsletter started, all links were posted with a short comment or annotation. Mainly due to lack of time there is no annotation of the links any longer at the moment.

#5 Periodicity

The majority of you favours weekly format of the newsletter, so there will be no change in that.

#6 Selection process

If you are wondering how items get selected for inclusion in the newsletter, please have a look at this older blog post where the project is shortly described. Getting closer to the 100th newsletter, Phonetics Weekly reaches now e-mail boxes in 36 countries!

The Phonetics Weekly project is my hobby and I do it in my spare time. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time for it as I would like to. Soooo… if someone by any chance thought of adopting (sponsoring) this project, I would be happy to collaborate. If you have any questions or ideas regarding Phonetics Weekly, please send an e-mail to hello (at) phoneticsweekly dot com.