Top 10 Phonetic Journals


There are numerous journals where phoneticians can publish their papers. Some of the periodicals are phonetics-oriented only, many accept articles from various linguistic subfields, including phonetics. Having said that, there is no ultimate set of ‘phonetic journals’. However, it might be interesting to look closer into the current situation and identify important periodicals accepting primarily papers covering topics in phonetics and phonology, or those that are of professional interest to phoneticians for one reason or another. So let us explore this exciting world in a series of two blogposts: in this one you will read about top 10 phonetic journals and compare various features to get a brief overview of the topic. In a follow-up post we will look at some other periodicals for phoneticians with special interests. All journals listed here are peer-reviewed.

1 Journal of the International Phonetic Association

(JIPA) This journal has the longest tradition. It belongs to the phonetic gold and it is a must-have in each phonetics lab.

Focus: This journal is a forum for work in the fields of phonetic theory and description. As well as including papers on laboratory phonetics/phonology and related topics, the journal encourages submissions on practical applications of phonetics to areas such as phonetics teaching and speech therapy, as well as the analysis of speech phenomena in relation to computer speech processing. It is especially concerned with the theory behind the International Phonetic Alphabet and discussions of the use of symbols for illustrating the phonetic structures of a wide variety of languages.

Sample issue: SAMPLE accessible after free registration at Cambridge Journals Online

Support of open/free access: yes

Editors: Amalia Arvaniti (University of Kent, UK) and Adrian P. Simpson (Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, Germany)

Established: 1886

Periodicity: 3 issues per year

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

2 Journal of Phonetics

(JPhon) This is another classical, with a slightly wider scope.

Focus: The Journal of Phonetics publishes papers of an experimental or theoretical nature that deal with phonetic aspects of language and linguistic communication processes. Papers dealing with technological and/or pathological topics, or papers of an interdisciplinary nature are also suitable, provided that linguistic-phonetic principles underlie the work reported.

Sample issue: SAMPLE

Support of open/free access: yes

Editor: Kenneth de Jong (Indiana University, USA)

Established: 1973

Periodicity: 6 issues per year

Publisher: Elsevier

3 Phonetica

International Journal of Phonetic Science

(Phonetica) A platform for phonetics research and theory from a ‘communicative phonetic science’ perspective.

Focus: Phonetica is an international interdisciplinary forum for phonetic science that covers all aspects of the subject matter, from phonetic and phonological descriptions of segments and prosodies to speech physiology, articulation, acoustics, perception, acquisition, and phonetic variation and change. It provides a platform for a comprehensive understanding of speaker-hearer interaction across languages and dialects, and of learning contexts throughout the lifespan.

Sample issue: SAMPLE

Support of open/free access: yes

Editor: Catherine T. Best (University of Western Sydney, Australia)

Established: 1957

Periodicity: 4 issues per year

Publisher: S. Karger AG

4 Phonology

(PHO) The only journal devoted to all phonological theories and their application.

Focus: Phonology is the only journal devoted to all aspects of the discipline, and provides a unique forum for the productive interchange of ideas among phonologists and those working in related disciplines. Preference is given to papers which make a substantial theoretical contribution, irrespective of the particular theoretical framework employed, but the submission of papers presenting new empirical data of general theoretical interest is also encouraged.

Sample issue: SAMPLE accessible after free registration at Cambridge Journals Online

Support of open/free access: yes

Editors: Colin J. Ewen (University of Leiden, the Netherlands) and Ellen Kaisse (University of Washington, USA)

Established: 1984

Periodicity: three times a year (May, August, December)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

5 The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

(JASA)This journal covers the topic of speech acoustics.

Focus: Journal in the field of acoustics, published by the Acoustical Society of America. It contains technical articles on sound, vibration, speech and other topics. The journal has been the leading source of theoretical and experimental research results in the broad interdisciplinary subject of sound.

Sample issue: no but in each issue there are numerous open articles to read online

Support of open/free access: yes

Editor: James F. Lynch (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA)

Established: 1929

Periodicity: 12 issues per year

Publisher: AIP Publishing

6 Laboratory Phonology

Journal for the Association of Laboratory Phonology

(LabPhon) A more specialized phonology journal.

Focus: The journal publishes research on phonology from a range of disciplinary perspectives including linguistics, psychology, speech & hearing science, communication science, computer science, electrical & computer engineering, and other related fields.

Sample issue: SAMPLE

Support of open/free access: fully open access

Editor: Mirjam Ernestus (Radboud University, Nijmegen & Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Netherlands)

Established: 2010

Periodicity: 4 issues per year

Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

7 Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics

Official journal of the International Clinical Phonetics & Linguistics Association

(CLP) A journal for all speechies and clinically oriented phoneticians.

Focus: Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics encompasses linguistics and phonetics of disorders of speech and language, contribution of data from communication disorders to theories of speech production and perception, pragmatic aspects of speech and language disorders, clinical dialectology and sociolinguistics, childhood, adolescent and adult disorders of communication and linguistics and phonetics of hearing impairment, sign language and lip-reading.

Sample issue: no

Support of open/free access: yes

Editors: Martin J. Ball and Nicole Müller (Linköping University, Sweden)

Established: 1987

Periodicity: 12 issues per year

Publisher: Informa Healthcare (part of Taylor & Francis Group)

8 Language and Speech

(LAS) Journal with a broad focus embracing speech and language pathology, linguistics, and experimental psychology.

Focus: Language and Speech is an international forum for communication among researchers in the disciplines that contribute to our understanding of the production, perception, processing, learning, use, and disorders of speech and language.

Sample issue: SAMPLE

Support of open/free access: no

Editors: Michael S. Vitevitch and Joan A. Sereno (University of Kansas, USA)

Established: 1958

Periodicity: 4 issues per year (March, June, September, December)

Publisher: SAGE Publications

9 The Phonetician

A Publication of ISPhS/International Society of Phonetic Sciences

(Phonetician) This journal deals with all sorts of phonetic topics, largely depending on the rotating editors for each volume.

Focus: The official bulletin of ISPhS, an international society serving phoneticians from all over the world, and also to academics working in related fields, like linguistics, phonology, physics, the speech sciences. ISPhS serves all areas of the communication sciences and its goal is to foster and develop the discipline in all parts of the world.

Sample issue: any of the past issues

Support of open/free access: fully open access

Editors: two new guest editors for each volume, for I-II 2014: György Szaszák (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary) and András Beke (Hungarian Academy for Sciences, Hungary)

Established: 1938

Periodicity: two issues per year, published in one volume

Publisher: International Society of Phonetic Sciences, USA

10 Journal of Second Language Pronunciation

(JSLP) A brand new journal devoted entirely to L2 pronunciation.

Focus: Scholarly journal devoted to research into the acquisition, perception, production, teaching, assessment, and description of prosodic and segmental pronunciation of second languages in all contexts of learning.

Sample issue: SAMPLE

Support of open/free access: no

Editor: John M. Levis (Iowa State University, USA)

Established: 2015

Periodicity: 2 issues per year

Publisher: John Benjamins

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