Five Reasons I Ditched my Giant DSLR for a Compact Mirrorless Camera

It shoots JPG and RAW.

So does the D800 so that is not a reason.

Always Connected.

Might be useful, Nikon have added Snapbridge on more recent cams.

Faster editing.

The problem is your computer. Gee, you need a fast computer to process high resolution files? You should have done your research before buying a D800, you didn’t then you complain that it’s slow. Sorry, that is your fault.

It’s compact.

Great, it’s a different tool. There are plenty of great compact cameras on the market. You bought a D800 with a huge pro lens and a grip (according to the photo). Then you decided to try and use it as a point-and-shoot for your family photos. Again, your fault for choosing the wrong tool for the job. No surprise you don’t like it. Also, you are comparing a full frame cam to an APS cam, and not equivalent lenses.

It’s affordable.

And it is a lesser camera. That is how things work. You get what you pay for.

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