What I learned not drinking for two years
Andy Boyle

Andy, I commend you on a brave decision. As one who has always be inclined to bend the elbow, I know how it can get. I have also learned that drinking, like most of life’s pleasures is best done in moderation, otherwise it should not be done at all.

In my youth I drank every day. Not always to excess, but every day. For a variety of reasons I made the decision to back off. I actually stopped for a while, save the random glass of something with a weekend brunch. Thats when I realized I didn’t need it and thats when it became enjoyable. I didn’t save enough to buy a condo, but I do sleep better and I have given all of my larger sized “Drinking clothes” to charity.

So, on this New Years Eve when so many of us will party and envibe to excess, I salute your decision. I get it and I hope others will as well…

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