I am afraid that things have reached a tipping point in this country thanks to the inbred thinking of establishment politics on both sides of the isle. People are fed up, which is why someone like Trump can do so well.

Marco may be a bright guy with a lot of good ideas but in the eyes of America he, like all the others have drunk the Washington bug juice and that is the poison that will kill any candidate’s chances in this political climate.

Trump comes charging in. Not from the halls of Washington but the streets of New York, with just the right combination of street talk and dumbed down sound bites to make people excited and giving them hope.

Agree with him or not, like him or not, he has started something in this country that frightens all shades of the establishment. So much so that there are now organized efforts to shut down his rally’s. Tonight it worked in Chicago and I have to ask what is this country coming to.

For the record I am not a Trump supporter but I am a supporter of the Constitution as written. That means I am a supporter of the first amendment that gives people the right to peaceful assembly and free speech. The fact that someone like Trump can come out of nowhere with a radical message and unorthodox delivery that frightens the establishment this bad is, to me is proof that the constitution does work and that America is already great.

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