How to Write Like a Badass: Part 3.
Laura Thomas

I know all to well what you mean about needing a thick skin. I wish that only applied to my writing. You see, I have only recently started writhing, I am still at that place where I think everything I write sucks and having others say so out loud only reinforces my desire to improve.

As a career photographer I am use to critics. I will work my ass off on a project. Narrow a body of work down to a hand full of ‘finals’, hit the publish button and brace myself for the shitstorm. I know it’s coming, and when it doesn’t I am a little disappointed.

Getting complements is easy. It’s just someone else affirming the already high opinion I have of myself. When the remarks go the other way, thats when it can be harder to take. I use to think that opinions were like assholes, everybody has one and sometimes they are full of shit. Then it dawned on me that even the harshest criticism has a silver lining. Good or bad, love or hate my work was having an impact.If people care enough to tell me how they feel one way or the other then I am doing something right. I am stirring emotions, getting people in touch with their feeling to the point that they are expressing themselves, how is that bad?

Writing and photography are not the same. I am a lot better at one then the other. I also was not born with a camera in my hands. I had to start at the beginning. I had to learn and develop my craft, and take some heat along the way. My writing needs work and I am the first to say it. Just like photography, I will work at my writing. I will get better and someday I intend to be great. In the meantime, as long as I am taking flack I know I am over the target…