5 Christmas Gift Ideas with Photomyne

Use special moments of your family history to create holiday gifts the people you care about will never forget.

Family member gift tags. Photo from Sweet Paul Magazine.

Oh, Christmas! The most iconic holiday of them all. The snow, the burning fireplace, the decorated Christmas tree, the food-laden table and the gifts - nothing beats Christmas.

Well, maybe one thing - our family. Without it Christmas is just another day of the year. There’s virtually no better time than Christmas to come together as a family, and celebrate the joy and love we feel for each other.

Your family’s most important assets.

We all have albums of old photos - the fragments of recorded special family moments of 20, 30 even 50 years ago. These are important tangible evidence of your family history and legacy, and of the stories its members share. Now you have the opportunity to use these priceless photos for making Christmas the most joyful holiday yet.

Use Photomyne to make Christmas particularly special.

Christmas is the perfect time to take these photo treasures out of the attic and revisit the emotional, goofy, exciting moments of the past that helped to shape the family you are part of. These old moments are the glue of the intimate story we all share.

Use the photos you scanned with Photomyne to create captivation customized gifts. This way you can put a smile on the face of a family member, and honor the special memories of your family’s history. Where to start? Here are five inspirations for personalized Christmas gifts that will bring an extra dose of joy to your family:

  1. Colorizing Black & White Photos:
Photo colorized by Photomyne.

Photomyne offers a special feature of colorizing black & white photos. Actual colorization process is done by a professional restoration artist, and the results are astounding. The above photo shows an example of before and after. Prices may vary (depending on photo size & quality). Read more about the service here.

2. Wall Prints and Decor:

Photo: Decozilla.com

Create beautiful wall art for your home with printed photos that you find particularly special. One of our favorite DIY art decor ideas comes from Decozilla (see above), using printed framed photos in different sizes all in a black & white filter, and hung on a pastel-colored wall.

3. Printed Photos to Mark Gift Recipients:

Photo: oursuburbanfarm.com

We just love this super-cool idea for letting your loved ones know which gift is theirs. This inspiration comes from Steph’s Our Suburban Farm blog.

4. Beautiful Photo Jewelry:

Photo: lovethecountry.com

Nothing says “I love you” like a jewelry piece that contains special photos of loved ones you can take with you wherever you go. This Christmas DIY craft inspiration comes from Love the Country’s Projects.

5. Memory Candle Holders:

Photo: From the archives of Inspired Ideas Blog

Create memory-inducing candle holders showing a print of your favorite family photo. This exciting and simple DIY photo project by Inspired Ideas shows you exactly how to make these unique creations.

Looking for more ways to create Christmas gifts using photos of your family history? Help yourself. The possibilities are endless.

Make this Christmas particularly special and compelling with Photomyne -make your family come together and celebrate the unique moments and stories that made it what it is today.

Here’s to the good times of the past, present and future.

Merry Christmas!

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