Windermere at night

20. The Lakes

It’s 9am and I’ve double — no, triple — checked that I’ve got everything I need for this trip. The biggest debate was whether I should take my extremely large waterproof double fleece coat, and since the answer included an eye roll I took it out of my tiny packed hand luggage.

This trip had been planned on and off since I last did Snowdon. It wasn’t so much about the logistics but the inability to explore the area without a car. This idea was later retracted and my friend drove us up as you really can’t do anything fun without a car. I had no intentions of going up there and just sitting in Windermere for 3 days.

8 hours of driving later and a few accidents that caused large pile ups, we made it. It looked like everyone also wanted to get out of London for that weekend. Welcome to the Lakes, fingers crossed tomorrow that there is decent weather to accompany us on our hike.