Discovering Drum and Bass

I’ve only discovered the world of drum and bass in July of 2016, and I fell in love with it. Then I got a chance to combine my passion for photography and my new found love for drum and bass.

I was working as waiter at the time, and had seen about a festival called NASS that brought action sports and drum and bass together but never found anyone to attend it with. Until a week before.

Scrolling through facebook I saw a status about Reading festival from a friend and noticed a comment from someone I hadn’t seen or spoken to since leaving my webste and game development course at college a year before, Dan, about NASS. I shot him a message along the lines of “I wanted to go to NASS, but couldn’t find anyone to go with” to which he told me there were still tickets and there was a group of people he was going with and ended up inviting me along. There was one issue, the rota for the week had just been done a day before, and I was working the entire weekend (impossible to swap all my shifts with people).

I went into work the next day and asked if there was any way I could get the weekend off (meaning the entire rota would have to be re-done), I expected my manager’s response to be a no, instead he said “I’ll see what I can do, don’t get your hopes up”. Too late. I was praying there was a way he’d be able to give me the weekend off. Later on during my shift I recieved the best news, I would be able to have the weekend of the festival off.

So, with my manager doing me a massive favour, I headed off to the festival with Dan and a couple of his friends.

Dan, Sam, Rio, Me

NASS was my first festival, and it was brilliant. The first night was headlined by Andy C on the mainstage, and by this time I had fallen in love with Drum and Bass. The combination of how utterly mental it was that I had found someone to go with a week before the festival, that my manager had changed the entire rota and given me the weekend off, the amazing people that I had met and all the festival antics meant that drum and bass became my favourite music genre.

A couple months after NASS, Dan was hosting his first drum and bass event, Recoil, I was still getting into photography at this point (which you can read about here) and it wasn’t until the second Recoil event that I combined my passion for photography and my new-found love for drum and bass.

I fell in love with shooting music events at Recoil 2, with some of my favourite photos coming from that night. Theres something about seeing a packed out venue of people all dancing to the same beat and being able to capture those moments is a feeling that can only be experienced, and almost impossible to explain.

NASS was where I discovered drum and bass, Recoil 2 was where I combined my passions.

Thanks for reading,
Reece Carter Photography