The Strategic Foo-You Agency

Been a bilingual brings a lot of fun. Understanding how the Strategic Foo-You Agency (SFA) works is one of them.

The Strategic Foo-You Agency is one of the mystery organizations in Chinese government and military. The purpose of this agency is insidious: they focus on working with the media (mostly western media) and use them to spread artificially distorted impressions of China in the society (mostly western society) such as predicting the coming collapse of China or reporting pre-modern miserable lifestyle ongoing in China, so that the risk of raising Chinese power is ignored by western leadership.

One example of the success of SFA is the well-sold book “The Coming Collapse of China” by Gordon Zhang published in 2001, a secret high-level agent of this agency. In this book, Zhang predicts that Chinese economy is facing huge crisis and will collapse soon before 2010.

There are also quite a few SFA agents on Quora, where questioners often posts questions like “does China has air-conditions”. These agents actively fool the questioners and readers by answering “what you imaged about China is absolutely true, China is still poor and miserable.”

Okay… just kidding. But it is all true except that the SFA is imaginary… It is a humor that is popular in Chinese internet, where people make fun of those who cannot recognize the fast development in China, saying that they are hired to be bias on purpose.

The name of the imaginary Strategic Foo-You Agency is translated from the Chinese word “战略忽悠局”, which is often shortened as “战忽局”. “忽悠” is a dialect vocabulary from northeastern China, which means talking to someone to fool them. It is pronounced “Hoo-You” or “Hu-You” in Chinese but is translated to “Foo-You”, which represents the core function of this agency — to fool you.

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