Disney Drops PewdiePie and What It Means for Other YouTubers
Roberto Blake

You make some very valid points, Roberto, and it’s always nice to get some down-to-earth perspective on this. I haven’t yet checked out the controversial bits on nazis/jews that PewDiePie has had in these 9 infamous videos, except for the phrase on a sign that says “Death to all Jews”. 
Especially that last one reminds me of something similar that came up in an old video by Game Grumps. Here Dan and Aaron are heard goofing around fictional reality shows. Then Dan Avidan, himself Jewish, comes up with a title for a show he calls “NBC’s ‘All Jews Must Die’” to much amusement of the duo (and their viewers).

Now, I am not defending whatever PewDiePie has done lately. What I do think is that humour, and especially black humour, is a fine line to wander. You can often “sense” when something’s so over the top, that it is clearly done in good faith. Comedians like Louis CK use this gimmick all the time, and are not really getting bashed, but everyone recognizes it for what it is.

Of course, it helps that Dan Avidan is making fun of his own heritage and does it regularly. In another video, and in a similar vein, Aaron gives the (Japanese) creator of Mario a stereotypical accent while impersonating him over the phone, all the while Dan laughingly calls him “so racist”. A subsequent animation made of this scene then doubles down on the stereotypes.

So where does the line go for using black humour, satire and self-irony? Tough question, but no matter what, you should handle it properly, and I can understand from your comments that PewDiePie did not do that.