My name is Francine Boilard. I live in Canada, I’m french speaking.

I love lemon, tea and lavender. I collect lipstick and glasses. I love British novels with a tendency more Brontë than Austen. I’m a chronic crime novels reader. I’m still working on a novel.

Hey! You don’t give a damn!

Here is what you should know

I write about books, food, travel and ideas to make life better.

When I talk about Lhom, he is the man of my life. Juny and Kit4 are my daughters. Brittany Brexit is my car.

I have had a blog since 2018.

Why Phrenssynnes instead of Francine? Well, that’s another story.

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Francine Boilard is the author of Phrenssynnes’s blog. Come to visit and have a look. You will discover articles, I hope, that make you smile. Helping you to be happier, enjoy life and feel good. I thank you for your support.

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