‘Closer Together’ — The world of Social Technology

Facebook’s recent overhaul of its mission statement indicates the emphasis of technology in shaping our social experiences in today’s scenario. While Facebook’s technology has the ability to connect people from remotely different corners of the world, it has the power to do even more. The new mission statement which states “bring the world closer together” is based on the concept of giving a common ground to people all around in order to create more productive discussions on the most pressing issues of this world we live in.

But how does Facebook plan to do this? Zuckerberg’s idea to create virtual communities based on common interests, and connecting people through these communities seems like the way to go. Technology, most certainly has a powerful role to play here. Artificially Intelligent programs can help people bring together based on shared interests. Not just this, Artificial Intelligence has the ability to filter false operations by identifying groups trying to engage in legally actionable activities.

Technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence will be very crucial in tackling global problems. By inducing social actions through online communities, digital social infrastructures can be used for the greater good. Social technology can hence, not only bring the world closer together but can enable us to create a better world for ourselves.