It’s time to Connect-the-Blocks

Blockchains are largely dubbed as the building blocks of our digital future. Understandably there are numerous blockchain networks being born every day, all of them working towards creating a safe a secure way of carrying out transactions. The number of blockchains is only going to increase in the future, and thus it makes so much sense to find a mechanism which helps different blockchain networks communicate with each other. In fact, interoperability along with scalability are amongst the central challenges facing the blockchain industry at the moment.

As the blockchain space starts to mature and struggles to find its place in the ecosystem, the concept of interoperability is taking center-stage. And while a lot of organizations are working towards connecting different blockchains together, Nuco — a startup founded by a former Deloitte employees, seems to have taken the lead. Dubbed Aion, the technology proposes to act as a middleware between different blockchain networks in order to allow secure movement of data between them. Without doubt, obstacles such as incompatibility between different networks stand in the way of achieving complete interoperability, but is not something that can’t be dealt with.