Level FR3E Autonomy

Rooted with Nvidia’s brainpower, Audi is set to introduce world’s first Level 3 self-driving car in the form of Audi A8 next year. A move to Level 3 will allow the driver to relax their attention in certain traffic conditions on the road. Drivers are still an essential component of level 3, but are not required to monitor the situations like they do in the previous levels. However, this kind of partial autonomy has been subject to a lot of scrutiny by some major manufacturers including Ford.

This kind of assistance marks a milestone in the driverless industry. Audi’s progress has created a significant buzz around the industry, considering most automakers are still working their way through the previous levels. Some of which have also chosen to skip Level 3 completely and move straight to Level 4, where almost all aspects of the car will be controlled autonomously.

The response that the Audi A8 gets from the public will be critical in deciding the future of the self-driving industry. But for now, this will certainly expedite the transition to a fully automatic automotive industry. The other players will be looking to step up their games, so that they don’t get left behind. The consumers have not experienced something like this ever before and it might be very difficult to rope them in. It will be interesting to see how Audi goes about the whole process leading up to the actual launch. Looks like we’re in for a hell of a ride.