It’s Nice to See You

So… if it doesn’t work for Oprah, I can give up too?? I don’t think that’s an acceptable answer.

There were a few other things that really rubbed me wrong about this article as well.

“Speaking of…every day that jackass science comes up with another possible reason for the so-called “epidemic” America, and almost every other country, is facing.”

Umm.. it’s not “almost every other nation.” We are the fattest country IN THE WORLD, beating the next highest contender by 4 lbs on AVERAGE! A large part of your article focuses on what other people around you think, and how that makes you feel, but to be honest, a lot of other people around *the world* think that about Americans in general.

Quite frankly, I think the attitude of, “well I tried, but I slipped, so.. whatevs!” is a part of so many problems in America, and obesity is one of the larger ones (see, I can do that too!) on that list. I’m not saying that larger people should be shaming themselves, or that it’s ok for people to bully them (or bully anyone, for anything, for that matter), but I’m concerned with how many articles, like this one, where the conclusion is essentially that you should be fine with yourself, no matter what.

Ignore the haters, and love yourself - check; but I don’t think it’s ever acceptable to be “ok” with something that’s a documented health problem, just because you’ve tried a few times and failed, and you’ve seen other people try and fail as well.

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