Match Report.


Word count: 306.

This week I’m taking a look at sports writing. I’m concentrating on a match report, written by Fintan O’Toole for the , from the All-Ireland Club Final between Ballyboden St. Enda’s and Castlebar Mitchels.

Sports writing is interesting because of it’s a mix of reporting and colour righting. For this piece Mr. O’Toole uses a lot of colour and at times too many cliches. Phrases such as ‘A dream start, raising a second green flag and shell-shocked,’ have been over-used in sports writing for a long time. It’s a shame he chose these phrases because it makes the piece seem slightly unoriginal.

Apart from this it reads really well. It’s concise, it has all the main points from the game in it and there’s a nice smattering of colour. Credit to Mr. O’Toole he has show his originality in many instances. Phrases such as: ‘ swatted aside, rattled off and scale the heights’ have a nice colloquial flavour to them; which fan of GAA will really enjoy.

All the vital information which sport fans love such as the team sheets, lists of substitutes who came on and who scored are also included.

There’s one final aspect to writing online I want to discuss which the comment section. At present media organisation are being told not to edit comment section because that is seen as them taking editorial responsibility for all the comments posted. Most of the comments are fine but one is quite crass. “Pants filled again by mayo men haha!up the dubs!”

This rouses the ire of other readers online, which is probably what Glen Kilfeather (the username) was hoping for. These comment sections have been a problem for far too long and they are damaging to journalism. It would be hugely beneficial to see a long term solution in implemented.

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