RTE online news story.

Date: 15.02.16.

Source: http://www.rte.ie/news/2016/0215/768163-green-party-high-court-rte/

Word Count: 263.

This story published by RTE on the day of the second leaders debate, of the 2016 general election, concerns a court decision to uphold RTE right to exclude the Green Party from said debate.

This article is very informative and both sides of the argument are explained. RTE perhaps felt that having eight leaders, on the debate, would be too many. This is referred to when Justice Marie Baker described RTE’s right to “enable the production of an attractive and engaging programme.” While Green Party’s concerns that their commission would hurt their campaign are also stated in this article.

For an online publication this piece is quite long, coming in at just over 750 words. Given that the story concerned RTE they may have felt it was important not to leave out any information. This way they could not be accused of being subjective.

This story is also synopsised in 0.29 second long video from RTE news. This is very common for only publications. Video widgets have become necessary given how the public want to consume media quickly.

There is no by line for this story because it would have been produced by a team within RTE.

It is worth noting some of the other options available on the pages. At the bottom their a tags such as: Eamon Ryan and High Court. When you click on these you will be both onto a page with other stories concerning these topics. While on top are links to RTE’s other social media pages, where you can tell all your followers what you are reading.