The Zika Follow Up.

Source: The Guardian Online. Sarah Moseley and Bruce Douglas.

Date: 29/01/16.

Word Count: 257.

Earlier this week the story about the Zika Virus, which is sweeping through South America, Broke. Sarah Boseley and Bruce Douglas have written an excellent follow up piece about the short comings of government legislation in South America with regards to contraception and abortion.

The Virus, which is being spread by Mosquitos, affects unborn children whose mothers are carrying the virus. These children can be born with birth defects, such as undersized heads and damaged brains, and some of them will only live very short lives.

Boseley and Douglas have experts on the record denouncing poor parliamentary procedure for not doing all they can to help women in South America. Rather than telling women not to get pregnant for two years, when the first vaccine is expected to be available, deputy director of the International Planned Parenthood Foundation (IPPF), Giselle Carino, has called for “access to contraception, particularly for groups that have low income.”

Even more disturbing than this however is the predicament facing women who will fall pregnant in the next two years. This article has raised the risk of in increase in “back alley abortions,” as fear grips the continent. With 95% of all abortions characterised as unsafe in South America at present; an increase in abortions could lead to high mortality rates amongst women in the region.

It’s a story that will have many follow-ups over the next year or more. Hopefully with honest investigative journalism such as this some reforms can be introduced to protect the women and future generations in South America.