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In the current pattern, JEE Physics is considered as a highly competitive section so getting it right from the first go should be your aim.JEE physics section is considered to be a high scoring and a competitive one. Learning Physics Concepts and their application in numerical becomes tedious for some students, given its inter-relativity of all the topics.
Physics is a scoring subject: If your concepts are clear. It requires a rational and logical approach to solve tricky and lengthy problems within a certain time All the three subjects of JEE paper are actually different in their contents hence the preparation, planning and strategy cannot be same for all the three subjects. After Observing the pattern of last 10 years, it is conviction that Physics is generally the second hardest paper after mathematics in JEE.

Taking care of issues of Physics: except great hold on basic concepts of physics (like work-like work-energy theorem, Newton’s laws and so on). Cracking Physics in JEE requires precise and overall well planned preparation technique. Physics is a subject which requires rational and logical approach to understand the theory as well as to incorporate those concepts in solving numerical.
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