Home Depot, Did You Just Invade My Computer’s Nether Regions?

Earlier today I went to the Home Depot website to research some faucet options. The first time I opened a normal window to do it. Within minutes I could both feel and hear my computer vibrate. I immediately closed the window down and ran a scan. The second time I launched a private window to visit the HD site. In record time the vibrating started again. I felt violated.

For the record, I visit many sites over the course of any day, because research is integral to the marketing and writing work I do for my clients.

This particular search was for personal reasons. Besides Home Depot’s, I also visited the Lowe’s website. All was quiet on that computer front.

The moral of this short story is this. I won’t be visiting Home Depot’s site again anytime soon. My computer’s nether regions are off limits to HD…as are my online spending dollars, for that matter.

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