I understand, Ardith McCann (linking in the hope it helps you see this comment easily).

You are so kind, Tessa, especially to take so much time andH write such an excellent reply to my response. I can only hope that the Medium staff acknowledges the contribution you are making to the site.

You are the kind of person and writer I came to Medium to meet and get to know. You are an exemplary writer and a very kind soul. You are gracious and always take the high road.

The following is a general Rant. It most assuredly is not directed at your lovely self, Tessa.

Here is what I am struggling with these days. Every single social platform expects you to basically do the same thing. Do just this. Don’t do that. Follow this person, not that one. Above all, only do what is popular — as deemed by the powers that be for that particular community. And do it all every single day. Only then will you be truly visible, successful.

Medium is just another version of this scheme. It’s the artificiality of it all that drives me bonkers…not to mention the ridiculous amount of time and effort it takes to do it right.

The mindboggling amount of busy work reminds me of high school and university, where one instructor heaps on loads of homework while blithely ignoring the fact that every other instructor is doing the same. Never you mind, just do it. It’s all bloody important.

In Medium’s case, at least at this point and speaking for myself, it’s not really about quality writing, real connections, and authentic conversations.

It’s not about quality writing. If it were, grammar and spelling excellence would matter. Organized writing would matter. Originality would matter.

And if this were true, I’d have visiblity to more writers like you, Tessa.

It’s not about personalized reading. If it were, there would be a parametric feed setting. Postings by favorite authors would be visible in one’s feed. One could set up topic categories and other means to organize and manage feeds, rather having to rely on the relevance of Medium’s tags. Oh, and readers could actually avoid seeing posts from people they block, as opposed to still seeing them via recommends by others.

It’s not about real connections. If it were, I would have more direct visibility to the people I admire like you and Mikey Hamm, among others. I would more easily learn about new and/or unknown writers, rather than seeing more from “the popular kids.”

Particular bone of contention: Why do publications that already have a public and branded presence online need to be present on Medium? While I know why Medium courts them, it bugs the bejeebers out of me that they are given such prominence on reader feeds like mine.

What I sought from Medium was three-fold: 1) an introduction to quality writers who did not have visibility through normal media channels, 2) a community that supports ALL its members’ success, and 3) a platform for me to hone my writing skills across a wide range of topics and styles, and presumably one where what I write might actually be read.

End of epic rant

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