The first of many, Pizza Cafe in Stone Mountain, GA first time coming here and instantly enjoyed the dark ambient lighting it gave the place a homey feeling. This place is pretty low maintence when it comes to being dressed for the occasion, you easily can show up right after a long night out at a club or just waking up and searching for food in your sweatpants you won’t ever feel out of place.

Now the main reason for reading about this place is how is the pizza?! All I can say you get your bang for your buck. The slices start off at $1.75 and it’s not a tiny slice either big enough to fold in half but crispy enough to hold your toppings. I had the mushroom and italian sausage a classic and the mushrooms seemed fresh not shriviled up but cut specificly for that slice. I also had their wings which were full of meat and plentful sauced. Overall I give this place a B+ on the scale for taste, cheesiness , and Quality.

Go and check it out if your ever around


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