Breaking The Myth of A “Career Break”: INFO — GRAPHIC

Are you looking to take a break from work but thoughts about societal stigma and stereotypes that come along with it are haunting you?

Are you thinking of backpacking across Europe but are unsure as to whether you’re making the right move?

*What if I’m not able to get back to work after this? Is it worth taking the risk at the cost of putting my career on hold? Do people even take breaks anymore?*

These are some of the thoughts we generally have, and they are quite normal to be honest. What is also normal is to take a god damn CAREER BREAK! Unfortunately, not many are aware of this. You must understand that taking a career break is not equivalent to committing a career suicide. It in fact helps you equip yourself with skills you’d never think you could possibly possess. It’s a period of gaining insights and exploring yourself. So… why would you want to deprive yourself of that?

It’s time to break the myths and stigmas that go along with taking a break!

Let us show you why:

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