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Sened DHAB

Yes, the Fox story was slanted, but

I agree that it was a bit slanted and you’re right to point it out. But the “journalist” was probably talking about the ZUS (zones urbaines sensibles):

True, Paris Centre Ville is a bit exceptional, but I am sure there are neighborhoods that are predominantly muslim, same goes for indian, jewish, asian, etc. The difference is no group, but the muslims it seems, are as easily offended. Often the “why can’t anyone deny the holocaust argument” is used to rebut freedom of the press and slandering of mohamed. We have proof that the holocaust occured. We do not have scientific proof of mohamed and his “revelations.” Besides, two totally different subjects — genocide vs. theology. Can’t compare.

I live in a ZUS city in the Parisian banlieu. At times I definitely feel unsafe, out of place, and not in France. I feel as if I’m in Afghanistan. Let’s not deny the truth. Sure, each arondissement in Paris probably has something to boast about, but we should accept the facts that there are neighborhoods in France that do, in fact, breed radical islam. I can see how swarms of men, youg and old, undereducated and underemployed, lots of time but not a lot of money, standing around in my city, might derive some adventure and accomplishment would take religion and use it as the only means of feeling superior over others — creating an “us vs them” imaginary scenario in their heads. Integrate. Integrate. Integrate.

On a side note, our Algerian neighbors have never invited any French, Black, Asian, or Indians (or any other ethnicity) to their house. They only stay within their own family. This does not bode well for integration. It takes an open mind and open spirit.

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