Weddings Cost Money For Everyone
Megan Reynolds

articles/comments where everyone talks about being tired of going to weddings or being over them bum me out. I’m in my early/mid-30s and probably won’t get married until my mid/late 30s and it makes me a little sad when my friends complain about how they can’t wait for the day they don’t have to go to weddings anymore. Mine will be in that period of time and I hate the thought that people will grudgingly celebrate my happiness (unless they are jealous of my happiness, in which case, carry on suckah!).

I’ve only gone to a handful of weddings and like some of the other commenters mentioned, I keep it enjoyable by only committing to what I know I won’t resent when the credit card bill comes. My cousin is getting married in the middle of nowhere, Florida, in October and I’m not going because I know between flights, sharing a hotel room, extra meals, gifts, time-off from work, etc it will cost me $1,000 and I don’t really have that kind of money, or want to spend what little extra money I *do* have on that. And I don’t think he’d want me stressed about it anyway. I’m going to send an extra nice gift from the registry and a card and call it a day.

I realize wanting people to actually be happy to be at my wedding might sound a little naive at this point, but I still love weddings! and love! and celebrating people’s love!

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