Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2017 Check-In
The Billfold

Big month guys. I got my tax return back, and my promotion finally went through (24% annual increase) and I got my retro pay back to when it should have started, 10/9/16.

Moving Goal — $4k
February 1 — $0
February 28 — $4,000 FUNDED!

Emergency Savings — goal, $5k
February 1 — $0
February 28 — $0 (one thing at a time guys, moving is somewhat imminent but the funds are fluid as necessary)

Student Loans serviced by Navient with 3.88% interest rate:
February 1: $48,613.88
February 28: $48,547.68 (and on Friday when I am paid: $48,397

I was talking to my aunt about how the interest accrues on my student loans and she said I should pay it twice per month the way they pay their mortgage so I end up paying less on interest. Not more money per month, just more often. I already make an extra payment when I get my tax return and if I split my monthly payments and just pay half a monthly payment every paycheck, then at the end of the year I’ll have made another extra payment (2 months with 3 paychecks) and since I have ~20 years left to pay, in 12 years I’ll have paid off 2 additional years with no extra pain in my budget. This also won’t include paying more when salary increases happen etc (I’m also increasing the total amount I pay each month by $100 now). Am I missing something here? How did I never think of this? Will this come back to bite me in the butt?

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