Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: December 2015 Check-In
The Billfold

Consolidated Student Loans (3.88%)
12/1/15: $49,416.39
1/1/16: $49,394.22

savings goal: $5,000
12/1/15: $0
1/1/16: $0

welp, it’s a new year, fresh start, etc etc. big ticket costs I have this year:

  • late winter trip with the BF somewhere warm
  • moving to a new apartment on 6/1
  • going to San Francisco for a wedding and extended vacation end of August
  • going to Chicago in early October

other financial goals: open and maintain a credit card to help repair my credit, pay more than the minimum on my student loans, put in at least one hour of OT a week at work (we can sneak in OT as long as it’s under 5 hours), oh, and lastly - maybe a new job.

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