Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Definitely a quiet weekend, I’m exhausted.

Tonight staying in and eating more leftovers. I made taco chicken in the crockpot and have been eating it for basically every meal so I’m pretty over it, but there’s still so much left. I need to pack up some returns to drop at the post office. I need to drop my laundry off. etc. I might stop at CVS on my way home for stuff, $10.

Tomorrow brunch with BF, $18, then I’m headed to a sewing class (for billfold sewers: making the scout tee). I’ll have to pick up the pattern, $16, and I already have fabric. We’ll probably go out to dinner somewhere while we’re out and about, $30.

Sunday, zero plans. I want to work on an improv quilt I started, maybe some other crafty projects. prep for the week ahead, etc etc. $0

estimate: $75

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