How Much Money Should You Tip Housekeeping?
Megan Reynolds

former housekeeper here! If you’re staying in a small/standard hotel room (no kitchen living room etc) then $2–5/night depending on number of guests, how much your stuff is everywhere, and if you did anything gross.

If you have a bigger suite (kitchen/living room/multiple bathrooms etc), I’d say $15–20 for the weekend (again, depending on your mess and grossness). There’s likely going to be at least 2 people on a housekeeping team cleaning a larger space so everything is split.

The first time I touched semen I was 15 and it was a strangers and still wet but cold on a hotel sheet. There wasn’t enough tip money in the world that day. This also happened in front of my boss, aka my mother.

I did not make much per hour the entire time I was a housekeeper (age 14–24) and really counted on my tips to fill that gap — tip the people that clean up after you!

Edited to add: in this situation, since your group had the run of the Inn I would say $40 to cover the mess in the common area was appreciated but kind of low (different if everyone left money in their individual rooms, but hard to tell if that’s the case). That’s the kind of scenario where if everyone chipped in a little, meant-nothing-to-them amount, it would have equaled a significant and very much appreciated amount to the cleaning staff.

also pps — making your bed is adorable and the cleaners will chuckle but it actually just creates more work for us because now we have to rip apart your made bed

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