Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Friday BF ended up getting out of work early so we grabbed a late dinner, $34.50, and wandered around for a bit before heading home, $5.31.

Saturday I woke up craving pancakes so we went to brunch, $27, and then to pick up my laundry, $33. That night I was running late to my friend’s goodbye party at Jacque’s so I took an uber, $7.53, and he missed the turn and I had to walk and was late anyway. I didn’t have cash on me so her friend said to forget the $10 cover I owed her, and I didn’t realize the bar was cash only so one of our other friend’s bought me a drink (I am literally the worst). After the show we went to Abby Lane and I had a few drinks and bought a small pizza and overpaid on the tax/tip to even out my earlier faux pas ($65). Took an uber home shortly after midnight, $8.39.

Sunday I took $20 out of the ATM, and even though I still have some money in my wallet I’m considering it spent money because physical money seems to just disappear. I bought a breakfast sandwich and coffee at the cash only place. Later I got another coffee at dunks, $3.83. I cleaned for maybe 5 hours? (thank you 2 huge coffees!) I deep cleaned the kitchen and bathroom in search of The Smell and while the apt is a little better… it’s still there. Pretty sure it’s mold from the gaping hole in my bathroom ceiling. Or something under the kitchen sink (the only other place I haven’t looked yet). After all that cleaning I was dead tired and didn’t want to cook anything so ordered in chicken and tortellini, $20.

Total estimate, $75 (lol), actual spent: $224.56

(on uber: $21.23 — a place to cut. As well as takeout/food. I refuse to cut back on getting my laundry done. It’s WORTH IT)

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