Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

Friday I brought my friend over to meet Pepper, who wouldn’t come out from under the dresser. She’s found a new super high perch in the closet that we can’t reach but we made progress because I called her and patted my leg and she actually came to me and let me pet her twice before going back under the bed. I went to dinner with my friend after she didn’t meet the cat, $55. Then to CVS to pick up coffee creamer and cat food, $7.71.

Saturday BF and I went to brunch before the wedding because we realized it was a FULL Catholic wedding and the way the timing worked out we wouldn’t be able to eat for hours so wanted to get a big meal in to start the day, $22. BF bought the card and we went to pick up laundry, $26.40. My share of the uber to the wedding, $9.46. We had to stop at a grocery store for tape before the reception (I sealed the envelope without putting the gift card in it and had to re-open it) + water + a starbucks doubleshot + redbull, $9.25 (we were half asleep after the ceremony). At the wedding I only ended up spending $5 on drink tips during the cocktail hour.

Sunday BF went to get bagels and I made us breakfast sandwiches and house coffee. I didn’t leave the house or do anything to prep for the week and was incredibly lazy. We took a 3 hour nap and then he went to WWE Hell in a Cell at the Garden and I got caught up on TV dramas. $0.

Estimated $125, spent $134.82

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