Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

Friday I just went home and napped because it was hot. Later that night I went to meet BF when he got out of work and we got ice cream and bottled water and sat outside because it was finally below 90 degrees (maybe 89), $9.92. I took an uber to meet him because it was too hot to think about bus and walking, $9.69, and he got the Lyft home.

Saturday I went to CVS to pick up some cleaning supplies and get cash back for the cash-only bakery, $26.72. Then I got super caffeinated and was going to clean the bathroom but instead was just really antsy and watched 5 episodes of Game of Thrones. I did make tacos though.

Sunday I went to dunks for breakfast, $8.50, and later went to meet my friend in Cambridge. It was insanely hot again so I waited for her at Au Bon Pain and bought a water and a shitty cookie I threw away, $4. Then we went to Mariposa for lunch and I had a grilled cheese and a mocha latte and with tip it was EIGHTEEN DOLLARS! Never again. It wasn’t even a big sandwich or very good and that latte was small. Ugh. Then she needed to buy a birthday card for someone and a guy was sitting on the street asking people to buy him water and my weather app said it “felt” like 102 so I bought him a jug of cold water, $2. When I got back to southie it was about 10 minutes until my bus arrived so I got a beverage in starbucks, $4, so I could sit in the AC.

Estimated $40, spent: $82.83. Money spent to escape the heat: $19.69

This weekend reflection just shows me how badly I am throwing money away lately. Next weekend my only possible plan is to go to BF’s brother’s place Sunday night to defend my WWE belt championship (I know nothing about WWE but accurately predicted the most things the last time we did this and won a belt).

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