Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Happy Friday! I’m going to spend so much money this weekend!
I just spent an absurd amount of money via peapod to replenish a lot of house/pantry items, but that doesn’t count here. It’s coming tonight.

Tomorrow my friend/old roommate is coming up from Providence and we’re going to spend the day together. If the rain doesn’t show up we’re going to walk around SoWa ($30?) and hang out in the beer garden ($15) and the food trucks are doing a tacopocalypse thing so every truck is doing their spin on a taco (crossing my fingers for a scallion pancake taco from mei mei) ($15). When BF gets out of work the 3 of us will go to dinner ($40).

Sunday BF is off work and I don’t know what we’ll do BUT I saw there’s a “Brooklyn-style flea market” in Cambridge so I probably want to check that out. Might not buy anything, might buy everything($0–100). We’ll get food somewhere in Cambridge ($40).

estimating… $150–250

Sunday night BF is going to meet a friend who is in town briefly and I am going to make lunches for the week. I don’t have a recipe in mind but I bought a 3 pound pork butt that I’m going to put in the crock pot and I think I’m going to make pulled pork enchiladas for lunches next week. or a version of something that kind of looks like an enchilada? I bought refried beans and I’m going to cook peppers and onions and mushrooms with some taco type seasoning and throw some pork in that and roll it up in tortillas and cheese and then bake it with enchilada sauce and more cheese. does this sound gross? I’ve never made enchiladas before and now the word is starting to look weird. TBH I’ve also never eaten an enchilada. I have no idea what I’m doing. #billfoldlivejournal

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