Will I Ever Be Able To Afford To Live Alone?
Megan Reynolds

I lived alone for a year in Boston and it was the best and hardest year ever. It was the best because, as I had suspected, I love love love being alone and living alone and all the wonderful perks that come along with it. It was hard because I was pretty broke and had to REALLY count every penny and try to sneak in OT at work when I could and I was always a little behind on every utility bill. I had to say no to almost all social outings that would include spending money (most) and felt a little isolated because people weren’t as up for doing free things or hanging out in my apartment. I did a lot of sewing though and overall felt super peaceful and happy.

Now I live alone with BF (for a bit it was me, BF, and roommate), and it’s wonderful. It’s as good as living alone because it’s someone I want to be around but also someone I feel comfortable telling to pick up after himself without it turning into A Thing like it can with roommates. Since I make a lot more money than he does right now it’s a little tough bill-wise (we’re not splitting everything 50/50 but doing more of a % system), but it’s still do-able and just meant I needed to readjust my budget.

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