What’s Your After Work Routine?
Megan Reynolds

I really love reading everyone’s responses here, it makes me feel less guilty about my after-work life.

Most days I’m out of work at 4:30 but I have to take two buses in slow city traffic home so I usually don’t get in until 5:30. I immediately put on house clothes and if it’s been a rough day I might take a nap but otherwise prob just dive in for some tv and start dinner to eat sometime around 6:30/7. Shower if I’m gross, more tv, dr pimple popper videos in bed from 10–10:15 and sleep.

Every other week I have therapy which means a detour to Cambridge and getting home around 6:30. Usually ~3x a month I have a sewing class after work, so staying late then going to Cambridge and ubering home at 9:30 pm. Usually twice a week I’ll see BF after work when he’s not working and we’ll make dinner together and he’ll usually do the dishes and want to watch sports. Now that we have a cat I spend a lot of time trying to win her love. On Wednesday nights I clean out the fridge and put all the trash outside.

My main rules: if I’m going to do something during the week, it has to be immediately after work, if I go home I’m not going out again. If I want to get stuff/cleaning/etc done around the house I have to do it the minute I get home because if I sit down I’m not going to do it later.

It’s 8:18 pm right now and I am just trying to stay awake until BF calls to say hi on his break around 8:45 and then I’m jump starting the bedtime routine because it was a bad day but I skipped my nap.

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