How Much Should I Pay To Fix My Hair Mistake?
Megan Reynolds

I say pay for it, but that’s coming from someone who spent at least $1,500 over the course of last year on hair and fixing my hair. I had no idea how much of my self-worth was tied up in my hair (embarrassing) until I was drenched in sweat sobbing trying to get a comb through hair that felt like straw and was full of knots (more embarrassing).

I kind of hate my hair right now and wear it up in a bun almost every day. It will take maybe 5 more cuts before all the damaged parts are gone ($100 per cut including tip). I’ve stopped investing in any other fixes except for a really strong moisturizing mask ($34) that I have to use as regular conditioner if I have any hope of getting a comb through it (which, incidentally, also gives me horrible bacne) and only washing my hair 2x a week.

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